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Internet Time Synchronization blocked

(New to this forum, I apologize up-front if I'm kicking-in open doors; I did search but could find a direct hit on this)

My PC time didn't appear to synchronize with the Internet time servers. After quite some Google-ing, I found that in Internet Security 2010 the 'time-sync port' (#123) appears to be closed by default. I opened it manually and now it works.

Makes me wonder however: why was this closed in the first place by McAfee? By opening it, do I run a risk then?

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Re: Internet Time Synchronization blocked

Thanks for posting this. My McAfee SW was recently updated automatically to version 10. Among other issues, I notice that my Internet Time Synchronization was failing too. I followed your lead and checked to see if the 'Time-sync port' was blocked. Sure enough it was. I manually unblocked the port and my Internet Time Synchronization function is working again. I have no idea why McAfee is blocking this port by default. If there is a danger in opening this port I do not know what it could be. Prior to this update, it been open and active for years with no issues. Maybe someone else can comment on that concern.

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Re: Internet Time Synchronization blocked

Go to Useful Links at the top of this page and contact Technical Support Chat. I am curious to this question also. I checked my setting and it is closed but my time sync works OK.

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Re: Internet Time Synchronization blocked

I've found often that simply telling Windows Time to use a different server does the trick.  McAfee does not block known Windows processes.  That said there is a built-in setting that can be changed in McAfee SecurityCenter > Web and Email Protection > Firewall > Ports and System Services > Network Time Protocol Port 123 which can be checked and this sometimes helps.

I haven't detected (Using ShieldsUp) any weakening in protection by enabling this but then I'm also behind a router with an additional firewall so any tests always stop at it.

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Re: Internet Time Synchronization blocked

Fix coming very soon so we have been told

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