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Internet Explorer not connecting

My mcafee did an update yesterday and once it completed I lost my connection to the internet. I have dial up and I can log onto my internet provider but when i try to connect on the internet explorer I keep getting the message that the web site I am trying to access can not connect to the world wide web. I have a feeling that mcafee is blocking some access to the internet. I tried with my provider to fix this and resulted in the determnation that it is probabbly the mcaffee secutiy that is stopping something. I am using another computer to send this message as I can not connect form mine.

I don;t know where to phone for help with this and foung this site. Hopefull someone can help me figure this our.

thanks, rainyty

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RE: Internet Explorer not connecting


If you suspect that McAfee is blocking your internet access, you can try to disable them one by one to check and whether you able to browse the internet without any issues.

How to disable the McAfee programs:

Open McAfee Security Center> Click on Computer & Files> Click on Advanced on the Right Side> Click on Off (continue the same with other products like Internet & Network, Email & IM….)
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