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Internet Explorer and McAfee conflicts

My computer started dumping physical memory when I installed McAfee and I had to go into Windows safe mode to remove McAfee to fix the problem. Can anyone tell me how I can add McAfee back on without it causing the above problems again?.
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RE: Internet Explorer and McAfee conflicts

Moved this to a more appropriate area. Also note that advertising isn't allowed by McAfee, thanks, so I removed the links.

1. We need more information. What operating system and service pack is this and are you up to date?

2. Is it 32-bit oir 64-bit? (x86 or x64)

3. What version of Internet Explorer is installed? (Help/About)

4. What previous protection software did you/do you have?

5. How much memory is installed (RAM)

6. How much free HDD space (hard drive)

7. To ensure that your machine is free of malware please scan using the free versions of these two tools. Update them before running.

BSOD's (blue screen of death) is usually caused by hardware failure, drivers, etc.
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