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Internet Explorer Black Bar

After installing Security Center I got a black background on my Internet Explorer Toolbar and Command bar.  It seems to be hiding icons that are behind it.

I uninstalled Security Center and reinstalled without some of the programs I didn't want - such as Parental Controls and Spam Filter.  The black bar on IE disappeared.

Today when the Security Center updated the black area on IE has reappeared.  It would seem the update reinstalled a feature I had not installed on the second install.

Any suggestions for getting rid of this problem?

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Re: Internet Explorer Black Bar

Hi Domokos,

Could you please mention the Operating system with  the Service pack installed ?.

Are you installing McAfee thro CD or from ur account in McAfee website.?

How old might be your computer ?

What is the RAM size on the computer ?



Mahesh CJ

Re: Internet Explorer Black Bar

Aha... looks like you are on Internet explorer 8. I recollect seeing this as a big issue with some Microsoft updates a few months ago.... ( I don't think it has anything to do with McAfee... a quick google search might indicate that for you.. i guess...)........

I will research on this issue and see if i am able to find anything related to this issue

In the mean time try these steps and see if it helps out.

1. visit and install all windows updates. critical and optional.

2.Visit the system manufacturer's website ( Dell or HP or....) and install all the updates for your graphics card and BIOS updates.

3.Try the step below and see if the issue gets resolved ... reboot and see if the issue stays after making the changes.

- Right click anywhere on desktop.
- "Properties"
- "Appearance"
- "Windows and Buttons" -> make "Windows XP Style"
- Right click anywhere on desktop.
- "Personalize"
- "Theme"
- Change Theme to "Windows Vista"

Re: Internet Explorer Black Bar

if the issue re-appears then probably you have windows xp.... try these steps and see if it helps....( at this point it is a microsoft issue)

try uninstalling Internet Explorer 8, uninstalling Service Pack 3, reinstalling Service Pack 3, and Reinstalling Internet Explorer 8.

Uninstalling Internet Explorer 8:

·         Close all programs

·         Click Start

·         Click Control Panel

·         Click Add or Remove Programs

·         Click Windows Internet Explorer 8

·         Click Remove

·         Follow instructions on uninstaller

·         Restart computer

Uninstall Service Pack 3:

·         Close all programs

·         Click Start

·         Click Run

·         In the Open: field, type appwiz.cpl

·         Click OK

·         Select the Show Updates check box

·         Click Windows XP Service Pack 3

·         Click Remove

·         Click Finish

·         Restart computer (if not automatic)

Reinstall Service Pack 3:

·         Go to: Windows XP Service Pack 3 or use Windows Update to download Service Pack 3 (Not Internet Explorer 8 yet)

·         Install Windows XP Service Pack 3

·         Restart computer

Reinstall Internet Explorer 8:

·         Go to: Internet Explorer 8 or use Windows Update to download Internet Explorer 8

·         Install Internet Explorer 8

·         Restart Computer

Re: Internet Explorer Black Bar

I remember I worked wiht a cutsomer with this issue earlier this month.

Can you try the below steps and get back to me...

Open IE -> Tools -> Internet Options.

click on colors ->  Check box "Use windows colors". 

Click on Ok -> Close and reopen IE.



Re: Internet Explorer Black Bar

Thank you ALL for getting back to me so promptly.

I received a call from a technician who worked with me to reset the Internet Explorer original settings (which include the colors).  At the time it did not help remove the black bar.  However, after shutting down my computer for the night and restarting it this morning - the problem is gone.  Perhaps I just had to close down the computer after resetting the original settings.

I'll keep my fingers crossed that after another update this problem will not re-occur.

I've been reading that McAfee and IE8 seem to have problems.  It would be good if this was resolved so that customers don't become frustrated.

Once again - thank you to all who responded.


Re: Internet Explorer Black Bar

Glad to hear that your issue is resolved. If you have any further problems you can contcat us directly throught Free chat service.

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