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Installing Internet Security 2009 on Windows 7

Hello.  I have a copy of Internet Security 2009 which has never been opened or installed on a PC.  I am currently trying to setup a new laptop with Windows 7 and wanted to try to install the software, however it appears that it is not compatible and Windows 7 will not let me install the software.  Upon further review I have found that you must have version 9.11 or greater in order to install.  Is there a file that I can download that would allow me to install off of this CD or that I could place in a directory with the CD inorder to properly install this product?

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Re: Installing Internet Security 2009 on Windows 7

Hi overri6884,

Can you provide the following informations,

Have you tried installing the program ? If so what was the error you received .

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Dinesh K

on 12/4/09 1:00 PM
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Re: Installing Internet Security 2009 on Windows 7

I did try installing it.

The error I received was that it was an incompatible version.  It then prompted me to search for a solution on teh web.  The initial result was information about the back up not working in Win7 iof upgrading from Vista, but upon further research I found that the CD must have an older install file, pre 9.11 .

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Re: Installing Internet Security 2009 on Windows 7

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Dinz, if you recall a while back there was a patch made available to allow installation of consumer products from older CD's on Vista.  Is there any such patch for Windows 7?

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Re: Installing Internet Security 2009 on Windows 7

The best way to install is to Run the McAfee Download Manager in compatibility mode in

Windows Vista, SP1 or SP2.

Step 1: Copy the entire CD contents to a Folder . Right click the 'Autorun' or 'CD Setup' & select 'Troubleshoot Compatibility'.

Step 2: Click Next or the Advanced option

Step 3 : Select Troubleshoot Program

Step 4 : Select 'The Program worked in earlier version of Windows but won't install or run now'.

Step 5 : Select Windows Vista [Service Pack 1 or 2] & Click Next

Step 4: Select 'Run Program or start program' . Download Manager should now continue.

Running the Download Manager or CD Setup with 'Administrator rights' still works on Windows 7.

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