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Re: Installation of new 2010 McAfeeTotal Protection UI now periodically freezes my PC

Add me to same list.

See other posts on the shutdown error.  Never had that issue or this one with 2009 (or previous products).

My machine is now a clean install of XP SP3 fully patched.

Dell XPS 720

Core 2 duo 3GHz

Nvidia 680Sli chipset

4GB RAM (3 Gig usuable because of 32 bit OS).

The computer takes a couple of minutes to become responsive.  All services which are supposed to run show STARTED in the services.  There is one messge in the System events about a McAfee service being stalled.  Not at my home machine, so I can't give the specifics.  It is the first service to load.  When I check the running services after my machine becomes responsive, that service shows running.

Also, during installation of Nero8, the mcshield process (in task manager) would peg my processors and "lock" my machine for seconds on end.

If anyone is reading these forums hasn't installed 2010 yet, DON'T.

This is not ready for primetime.

PS.  I also spent a useless session Saturday with the online techs.  Full of misinformation (like just delete the shortcut on the desktop and will stay gone).  Told me to reinstall 2010.  I had already reinstalled 2010 several times (and run the cleanup executable) before I contacted them.  What a waste.

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Re: Installation of new 2010 McAfeeTotal Protection UI now periodically freezes my PC

I'm sorry that somebody else is going through what I am going through. It was premature to say my problem had resovled itself. The freezing continued after a couple of days of testing. Mostly on boot-up and after the program tries to download any updates. I contacted Tier 2 again, same person, no progress. It is very frustrating. I also notice that when this is installed, it seems to take forever for firefox or explorer to open. I have now spent a ridiculous amount of time on the phone with the help desk. I am going to try one more time, but I think I should get a refund when uninstalling the program resolves the freezing issues. It is definetely something with this new User Interface.

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Re: Installation of new 2010 McAfeeTotal Protection UI now periodically freezes my PC

I am experiencing the exact same issue.  I have done two system restores and full reinstallations (latest one last night with the online helpdesk support) and the periodic freezing continues.


Re: Installation of new 2010 McAfeeTotal Protection UI now periodically freezes my PC

Try Tech Support Chat again.  This time maybe you'll strike it lucky...there are so many people manning that line that there are bound to be the odd ones who aren't as helpful as others.   At least they can go into the machine to check what's going on and can excalate the issue to a higher level than we can here.


Re: Installation of new 2010 McAfeeTotal Protection UI now periodically freezes my PC

Here is the latest update from my efforts. I spent at least 4 hours on Sunday working with Tech Support. Whats ultra annoying is that each time I contact them, I have to re-type everything that has transpired. Even after doing so, they respond with something like "let me understand, so your problem is x" and that problem will be something totally different then what I detailed time and time again. The last time I explained this problem, the Tier 1 responded with, so your problem is installing the New UI and I responded, "NO, it is not the installation, it is the freezing that occurs after the installation". Then the latest Tier 2 rep after running CheckDsk for the 8th time that they are aware some users with Windows 7 are having this problem and that the engineers are working on it, only for me to remind them I am using Windows Vista 64 premium. Very frustrating. Anyway, Tier 2 installed Malwarebytes Scan on my PC and it did recognize 2 bad files that I guess McAfee wasnt picking up. I will document the files when I get home. After they removed those files, they said it should be resolved. However, my PC continued to freeze. I then uninstalled McAfee and used that tool that your run after the uninstall to completely remove all files. When I rebooted, I decided to run the Malwarebytes detailed scan instead of the quick scan McAfee Tier 2 ran twice. After attempting it twice and getting through about 40,000 files or so, both times it froze on two world of warcraft files. This freezing may be totally unrelated to the freezing on boot-up, the sporadic other freezes that take place with McAfee activitated, and it might not even be related to World of World of Warcraft which I havent played in months and ran fine with the Older 2010 UI. Regardless, I decided to Uninstall World of Warcraft as well as Allods Online which is a Free Open Beta Test, installed Avira free antivrius, as well as updated Windows Firewall and Defender and nothing has frozen for over two days of testing. I was even able to run the detailed Malwarebytes scan with no issues found. My next test will be to install McAfee without Allods Online or World of Warcraft. If it freezes again, I am 100% sure that this issue is related to the new UI and I just wont use it, as Im not going to contact Tier 2 again. It is just too frustrating to spend countless hours on the phone with them when at this point they should be picking up the phone and contacting me...especially since they keep asking for my phone # and even when my PC freezes (which it did while the last Tier 2 tech was online with me), they dont call back. Anyway, I'll keep my fingers crossed because I was excited about the New UI and its faster scanning and less impact on system resources.

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Re: Installation of new 2010 McAfeeTotal Protection UI now periodically freezes my PC

I can see why you are frustrated.  Make sure to uninstall Avira completely before installing McAfee, and any other protection software, except Windows defender of course.

In my experience freezing is usually a hard drive with disk read errors, hence them doing the chkdsk, rival software or actual infections.


Re: Installation of new 2010 McAfeeTotal Protection UI now periodically freezes my PC

Well bad news. After the last Tier 2 call where they removed through Malwarebytes "Rogue.installer" and "Hijack.Display Properities" (which seems to be quite common when I googled it) and I uninstalled World of Warcraft and Allods online, my computer froze at the desktop TWICE before the internet connects. Yes, I did remove Avira before reinstalled McAfee. Yes, I downloaded a fresh copy of McAfee from the Account page. I ran the detailed McAfee scan and it found no issues. After the freezing occurred twice, I tried to run the detailed Malwarebytes scan and that froze as well. Then I ran the McAfee Detailed scan and it found nothing. I uninstalled McAfee including the clean up tool. Low and behold, the freezing disappeared for two days. I ran Avira and Windows Defender and they found no issues. I honestly give up and will just look at the cost I paid as sunk costs, but a faithful customer has been lost. If they want my help to service request number 484570-453567507, they should contact me on the phone because Im not going to spend another hour of my weekend troubleshooting this. A very disappointed customer.


Re: Installation of new 2010 McAfeeTotal Protection UI now periodically freezes my PC


I  contacted customer service. Due to what I have gone through and though  they wont give me a refund, they agreed to let me call with no charge  senior technical support on Monday. Since it is a sort of compromise, I  will try again one last time since it will be the first verbal  communication. I will provide an update then.

Re: Installation of new 2010 McAfeeTotal Protection UI now periodically freezes my PC


You wrote:

".... where they removed..."Hijack.Display Properities" (which seems to be quite common when I  googled it)"

This is a false-positive.  See the following (and other, related) threads at:

(When I ran my first MBAM scan on this new computer a few days ago, it was picked up as an"infection", but I had already seen the FP threads at MBAM forums, so I knew to "ignore" it.)

I don't know enough to be sure, but it might be causing your new display issues.

You might want to register and login at the MBAM forums to see about how to fix the fact that you removed it, when it shouldn't have been.

They are extremely fast, responsive and expert with their software.

(If it's stll in quarantine, it should be a simple fix to go back and change the reg key.)

Sorry you're having so much trouble -- hope you can get this fixed,



Re: Installation of new 2010 McAfeeTotal Protection UI now periodically freezes my PC

Thanks. That is helpful information to add to my call on Monday when I contact verbally Senior Tech support, but I do not think that is the cause of the problem. Again, the freezing started immediately upon installation of the New 2010 User Interface and was not an issue with the Older 2010 User Interface. They ran the Malwarebytes and removed that one file at least a week after I first reported the problem. However, what your email proves is that at least that one file wasnt the problem, so your link is helpful. Also, I'm not sure if 'display' is the right way to frame the issue.. When the freezing occurs, you can still see what was on the screen, but you cannot move the mouse, the screen completely freezes, control alt delete does work, you do not hear any sound from trying anything, the hard drive is running but nothing responds other then a hard boot. Anyway, thanks for the helpful info. It is just another piece in this fun puzzle.

On another note, I'm debating if I should restore that one file that is quarantined. Is it necessary even if it is a false positive? The forum didnt really say anything as to what happens if you don't restore it. I'll ask the tech support on Monday since they removed the file lol, or maybe I will sign up and post on that forum just out of curiosity. In fact, Im going to restore that one file now just for fun. I changed my mind while typing this lol.

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