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Installation Issues

I am trying to reinstall:

1. Security Center w/

2. Security Center w/
Personal Firewall
Site Advisor

After I install 1., when I try to reinstall 2. it states that I must remove program 1. to finish the install. If I try to reinstall 1. it tells me I must remove program 2. I am stuck in a circle...and getting dizzy. :confused:
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RE: Installation Issues

contact tech support immediately and get the case escalated
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RE: Installation Issues

When you have a new problem best to post a new thread rather than tag onto someone elses.

I also moved this to Security Center 9 - 2009 from Antispam 9 for better attention.

From your previous posts I gather that you have XP SP2.

You do need to consider updating to SP3 and there is help with that here:

As Vinod has said, best contact Technical Support. Link at top left of page or in my signature.
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