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Installation Incomplete

Hi everyone,

I did not find a theme called that way so i though creating a new one.I want to gather some more information for that problem.I saw that most of the times it can not be resolved on Win 7 or Vista 64 bit due to the fact those 2 are causing problems for different kind of software.

But when this error occurs on Win XP SP3 and Win 7 32 most of the time the steps that i will write now works:

1.Create new Windows User Account

2.In the "Test" account download MCPR tool and Microsoft Fix it tool ( do not use that on Win 7)

3.Run both of the tools


5.Open IE and under advanced setting uncheck all security except SSL 3 ,2,1 and TLS

6.Downlaod the DmSetup

7.Open regedit

8.Navigate to HKLM\SYSTEM\CURRENT CONTROL SET (0;1;2;3)\SERVICES\ --> look for any McAfee related ones

9.Navigate to HKLM\SYSTEM\CURRENT CONTROL SET (0;1;2;3)\ENUM\ROOT\--> look for any McAfee related ones  SUCH AS MFEHIDK etc.

10.After all of the keys are deleted reboot

11.Delete all temp files and search for any MFE folders left on the pc

12.Try installing

Please update me on the result

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Level 9

Re: Installation Incomplete

As I see,

No one have tried that - which is bad i hoped to have any replies but yet nothing.Come on guys nobody

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Level 16

Re: Installation Incomplete

Hello snowyg,

It seems that you have tried pretty much as required , and from here it requires some expertise to deal with this install issue. Have you contacted McAfee tech support as our product experts could help you to track down the issue and get it resolved for you. If not yet, please click on useful links at the top of this page and they are ready standy by to assisst you .



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