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Install fails to start with blank box (non IE8)


McAfee Security Installer diplays blank box

W2000 SP4, 2GB mem, Dlink DI-604, Linksys BEFCMU10
IE6.0.2800.1106 SP1+a few security fixes after that.

Have tried several attempts with online help to no avail.

Removed all McAfee software using MCPR tool.
Uninstalled Spy and Ad-aware as suggested.
Removed remnants of Ghost9
Removed all Norton/Symantec Software except for PartitionMagic
I un-installed GetRight in case it was interfering with the process.
I installed Firefox 3.0+ and installed Java 6u12 JRE
(previously tried install with IE6 and Netscape 7.2)
reinstalled WindowsInstaller, Windows Script 5.6 (Jscript kaka)
disabled pop-ups
cleared internet temp files, erased cookies
removed any files in<user>+<All Users>/Application Data/McAfee
Ran a Kaspersky online Virus check for yuks.
tride install in "safe" mode

During the download I am not prompted to click the run button as described in document TS100337,
McAfee Security Installation Guide for Comcast Subscribers,

However, I do double click DMSSetup.exe from the download manager box as described at

I get to where the I click OK on the DMSetup.exe executible warning.

A BLANK BOX with the McAfee M in UL corner appears. I believe this is where it is suppossed to start the install and prompt for the serial number

Had no problem on different computer (using different eMail, as required) running XP SP3 and IE7.0.5xxx.

Can I just get access to a full install copy?

thank you
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RE: Install fails to start with blank box (non IE8)

When uninstalling norton did you use their uninstall tool?

Is your Windows totally up to date with both critical and non-critical updates and such utilities as Java, Flash, MSXML etc. all the latest?

I'm trying to remember the tabs in my old IE6 but if their is a Content Tab under Tools/Internet Options make sure that Content Advisor is turned off.
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RE: Install fails to start with blank box (non IE8)

Had to remove Ghost by hand, then I could use the norton removal tool.

IE6 content advisor is disabled (of course this would not explain firefox, yes?)

Java, Flash all updated. MSXML wasn't sure, so installed MSXML6.

beyond W2K SP4, I'm not sure what non-IE updates were done. Had trouble finding a list at MS (2K past EOL?).

windows update won't work, and when executing the fix at MS it ends in a "page cannot be displayed" message with no error code. no reference in knowledgebase for that problem.

problem may be related to:
removed last remnants of Outlook Express somewhat recently.

now any attempts to make any changes to windows components results in "can't find oeaccess.inf"messages.
replaced file. same message. can't find references to it in registry or in any files so I don't know why it needs it or why it can't find it (and the function is to make OE icon visible, a critical function, I'm sure).

McAfee Virtual Technician finds no McAfee software installed. However during the process it pauses and prompts for the location of a valid, get this, iTunes.msi installation in <windows>/downloaded installations

I have no problems installing anything else and the hoops I've had to jump through to attempt this install are par for Microsoft. I'm not confident of my chances for success if I take the time to reinstall 2000 from scratch and attempt to install McAfee. If I can't get a copy of a full install, disk or download, to make another attempt with, then I'm cutting my losses and using something else.

thank you for your time.
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RE: Install fails to start with blank box (non IE8)

According to Microsoft:


We will of course continue to keep our Windows 2000 SP4 customers secure with security updates through the life of Windows 2000 (through 2010).

So Windows Updates should still work with it.

As far as Win 2K goes however, I'm totally in the dark having never used it.

Perhaps your best approach would be to try Technical Support Chat. The link in my signature avoids having to go through the Virtual Technician.
While I can't promise anything at least they can escalate the case to a higher level.
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