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Icon and Security Center have changed appearance

I'm always suspicious of any changes to my programs and now McAfee looks completely different.  Also windows alerts are popping up telling me that I don't have a virus protection problem or a or spyware protection.  What is going on.  Could McAfee have changed their look and interface without an explanation to their customers?  Or has some malware program taken over my McAfee programs changed and disabled them. 

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Re: Icon and Security Center have changed appearance

Hi savantpn,

I think McAfee software might have updated itself to the latest version i;e 2010 & as a result you may see the appearance & the McAfee icon look different. Double click on McAfee icon & check if the protection status at the top of the screen as Your computer is secure or risk, if it shows as Your computer is at risk then you need to also collect information as to why it is not secured on same screen. Post back with result, also attach a screenshot of McAfee if possible so that we can help you to confirm the version of McAfee installed on your computer.

Good luck


Rakesh P

McAfee Technical Support     

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