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IS 2009 not connecting to Internet


I just purchased McAfee Internet Security 2009, and installed it on a friend's computer for her birthday. It seemed to install fine, but to update or register I get this message:

"An unexpected error has occurred.
The registration process has experienced an unexpected server access error. You will be automatically prompted to register once again when a product update is available."

I can connect fine using Internet Explorer 7.

It's an XP machine that was just formatted.
It's using a wireless LAN connection (there is no hard-wired option here in Canada's wilderness, 6 hours from the nearest "city").

Working in Safe Mode made no difference.
I tried the trick of disabling / enabling the Add-ons in IE 7, it didn't work.
I've reinstalled the software from discs bought at Costco.
The tech help phone line tells me I need to pay for the service - forget that!
I tried the Virtual Technician, which says the DAT needs to be updated (but 77 works fine as I understand).

What now?

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Level 7


After no responses here on the forum, and a ridiculous lack of support from McAfee, I've decided to cut my losses and stop fighting with the damn thing - I'm uninstalling it and putting on Spyware Doctor with Antivirus from PCTools.

Thanks everyone,

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