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I want HELP to renew


I did go to McAfee McAfee and paid for a two year renewal.  I have my new grant number.  I need to the system already on my computer.  How do I marry up the new grant number to the McAfee

system now on my computer so that it will function again?

I have tried different things but it seems like I am gettin nowhere.  I need to get my McAfee renewed and updated!

Please help on this community  or email me at

email removed for your safety & privacy - moderator

Many thanks!!


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Re: I want HELP to renew

Grant number?   I think you must be referring to Enterprise products in which case you need to ask in the Business section such as here:

If you are referring to home products then you should speak to or chat with your local Customer Service department, under the McAfee Support link at the top of the page.

Don't ever expose your email address or other personal information in public forums.

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