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I use a service called MSGTAG to inform me

I use a service called MSGTAG to inform me when an email I send is opened by the recipient. As a
teacher this program has become indispensible to me in my communication with students. It works in
the following way.

"MSGTAG adds a small invisible tag to an outgoing email message. When the recipient opens the email, the tag notifies the MSGTAG server, which in turn notifies the sender that the message has been received. "

Up until I upgraded my previous McAfee Enterprise program to VirusScan Enterprise + Antispyware Enterprise 8.7.0i MSGTAG worked without a problem. Now however, McAfee interupts all outgoing mail and my mail server, SMTP.FUSE.NET gives me the following error message: "Error talking to SMTP server[554 MSTGTAG unable to connect to SMTP server]"

How do I know that McAfee is the blocking agent? If I disable McAfee's On Access Scan the message passes
through and MSGTAG provides the usual notification . Thus, there must be a way to tell McAfee to allow
MSGTAG to tag and pass my outgoing email in the normal fashion. Unfortunately, I do not know how/where
to look within McAfee's VirusScan Console to make the needed change. I trust that one of the forum experts
will be able to assist me...Thanks greenbdb

I checked the log and found that McAfee is blocking MSGTAGstatus.exe from accessing port 25 which my outgoing email server ( uses. The log reads as follows:

10/10/2009 5:00:59 PM Blocked by port blocking rule D:\MSGTAG Status\MSGTAGStatus.exe Anti-virus Standard ProtectionSmiley Tonguerevent mass mailing worms from sending mail

How do I tell McAfee to allow MSGTAGstatus to gain entry to port 25?....Greenbdb
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RE: I use a service called MSGTAG to inform me

You are using VirusScan Enterprise according to another thread so locking this one as we only deal with home products in this section.

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