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I think Total Protection 2010 is causing corruption to Windows 7 Profiles?? HELP!!!

Hi everyone

I wonder if anyone can help me with this odd problem. My daughters netbook is running Windows 7 Starter and my laptop is running Windows 7 64bit Ultimate.

So far I have had to rebuild the laptop and netbook twice after it said the profile was corrupt and I could not log in any other way.

Last week both of them then encountered another problem whereby it said the login service failed to start and again could not log in. I had to go in to Safe Mode and roll back both the netbook and laptop. I checked event viewer and McAfee was erroring.

Everything was running again ok and then yesterday by daughter said the same problem had happened. I rolled her netbook back and then when I switched on my laptop Windows 7 said there was a problem with the profile and a temporary one had to be loaded. I logged off and back and it was restored again.

Now the only similarity between the two devices is they are both running McAfee Total Protection 2010. I have done a remove and reinstall of McAfee previously and it still encountered issues. I feel this is a problem with McAfee corrupting the profiles somehow.

Any advice would be great as it's started to get very frustrating now. Prior to 2010 I was running Total Protection 2009 wihtout any problems.

Many thanks

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