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I have some serious problems

The problems with my system not be protected are about to make me just cry. (really)

I have done everything that has been suggested, in the various threads, over and over again. And for a few brief moments the computer is protected and then like magic the box opens and says I am not protected.

OK... from the top what I have done this time.

#1 I reformatted my hard drive, and then reinstalled Windows XP Pro with SP3

#2 I then installed McAfee Total protection.

#3 I then installed Firefox 3.0.7


And the not protected error comes up.

What is wrong?


Also I went to the "Shield's UP" site, and at least know the firewall is working perfectly

Another problem, NOW all of a sudden I can see the type in the information boxes but NONE of the graphics show up.

This is becoming more than just a major problem.

Being in the hospital is giving me the time to play with the computer, but I am going to need it working correctly when I get out.

Who knows, maybe it has caught a human virus, there are enough germs around here!

Someone PLEASE help me.
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RE: I have some serious problems

did you say Shield Icon?... what version of McAfee do you have?
if formatted the machine and still have an issue then most likley it could be a hard drive issue.
if you are using a consumer product... install all windows updates including optional ones and then check it out ( Do not install Internet explorer 8 Yet.. its in beta and cause issues)
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RE: I have some serious problems

I do NOT use IE8, I have what came with XP Pro SP3 and that is all.

There is a site on the internet called Sheilds up to check fire walls that is what I said I went to, to check if the firewall was working.

The drive is fine. The problem is McAfee never wants to be fully protective. GOT IT?
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RE: I have some serious problems

I don't know for sure what's going on. And you haven't given much information about the problems you had to deal with before you reformatted the harddrive.

So I'll come up with a few suggestions, which may not be useful at all.

After the reformat, and before installing Total Protection, did you install the drivers (for example, for your graphics card, your motherboard etc.), did you create your network connection (whatever you need to do to connect to the internet), and did you do a full Microsoft update (Microsoft update is more comprehensive than Windows update) ?

Another suggestion, do you have the current time/date on your system (you can synchronize your system clock by synchronizing with, I don't have an English OS so I can't say exactly how ?

Did you download the software from your online account ? If so, it may be a registration/server issue, and you could try to contact technical support.

You could also try removing Firefox, it seems McAfee uses internet explorer to update.

Would you by any chance have an AMD CPU in your computer ? I've read about problems/conflicts between SP3 and AMD CPUs, but it may be fixed now.

Just a few suggestions.
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RE: I have some serious problems

I have a Dell Inspiron XPS computer with an INTEL Core Duo processor not an AMD.

As it turned out, each time the GREAT McAfee Security Center said I was not protected, I really was not at all, and all sorts of things got into my machine.

Finally, late last night, a tech specialist from here in the hospital came up and looked at my computer. $125 dollars later I have no more problems as all of the garbage that accumulated during the periods when McAfee was not protecting my machine took root.

It is really great to pay the cost of getting "Total Security" and then having to pay another fee to get my computer clean.

I did contact McAfee tech, and was told to do what I had already done, REFORMAT my system and start over again! Big deal like that really helped.

I am sure many others have these problems, but never know it. There was a time, when a program did not have to be everything to everyone. I could chose one for Anti-Virus, another for Anti-Spyware, and yet another for a Firewall. Each did there own thing, and I never had a problem.

But today, it is too much Dog eat Dog. I cannot pick and choose and still expect things to work out.

Well, right now, I am on a hospital work station, while my laptop is being configured the same as the ones the hospital uses with different brands of the above items. From what I have been told by nurses that they no longer have the same problems they had when FORCED to use only one brand for all.

I really feel bad. NO, not for the cost of McAfee that I will not use. But because I loved McAfee software, and now I may not be able to use it again. But, I will not feel bad, NOT having the same set of problems by a message "your computer is at risk" as the protection is turned off at a whim.

Thanks to all for their attempts at help. In this case, the best help is to say good bye to a dear old friend.
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