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I have a problem with updates

"Did you know that you can receive updates of the McAfee security software on a regular basis, whether it is registered? Register now, it's easy and ensures the availability of the ultimate protection for your PC.

Updates are available for the following products:

McAfee Internet Security Suite"

This is what appears when I update segurity Internet, purchased in a store.

McAfee wants me to register, but how can I do if I do say that when I do not have any McAfee product.

I do not understand

Thanks to all

My English translation is not very good, sorry
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RE: I have a problem with updates

We are sorry for the delayed response but can you clarify,
What is the Operating system you use?
Did you had the McAfee in this computer previously?
Give a right click on the McAfee Icon that you have in the bottom right corner (system tray) check if you have option Product setup. If you have then go head and complete the product setup window
Open the McAfee security center and update the product.
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