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I can see others, but they can't see me

Just stopped by to help a friend who has a small business, but he's basically running a home network.  Three computers (COMP1, COMP2, COMP3) and a printer (RICOH).  Everyone is a member of the workgroup FURNETECH.

COMP1 is his computer and is the "main" computer for their office (meaning it has the most shares and is the most important to access).

He just swapped out his router to a basic Linksys wireless you'd have in your house.  Admittedly, I only joined this process when it didn't go well.  He went through an install using the Linksys disk on COMP1 that I couldn't tell you the details of having not been there. When he did that, everyone lost connection to everyone else's shares as well as the printer.  On COMP2 and COMP3, I clicked on "Manage Network" in McAfee Security Center and it told me there was a network it saw and would I like to connect to it.  I did, rebooted, and when windows started again I got a McAfee notice that I was now connected and would I like to add it as a trusted network, which I did.  When I tried to do the same to COMP1, the network was already showing, and I could see the icons for COMP2 and COMP3 already.

Upon doing all that, COMP1 can see and access shares on COMP2 & 3.  COMP2 & 3 can see and access shares on each other.  They can all access the printer.  The printer has some built in "scan to network share" features, and it works fine scanning to a share on COMP2 or 3.

The problem is, no one can access COMP1. While he can browse shares on 2 & 3, they cannot see his shares anymore. He can print to the printer, but the printer cannot save scans to his share.  I turned off windows firewall completely just to see if that helped.  I also went through the process of managing 2 and 3 from one and doing the whole invite to access process in McAfee, so now if you Manage Network on 1, you see the green checks beside 2 and 3.  Made sure that in his services, Computer Browsing was running. Not really sure what to do, if someone could give me some suggestions that'd be great.

I admit, given that I hopped into the middle of the problem, it may not be a McAfee issue, but it just seems to point to a firewall issue of some kind.

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Re: I can see others, but they can't see me

Thanks for describing the issue in detail. We just few more information from your end to proceed further;
What is the version of you McAfee software ? Enterprise (small business ) or Home version
Post me with a screen shot of your security center .

Kindly get back with the requested information so that we could help you with our best here

Dinesh K

on 4/16/10 1:47:48 PM GMT-06:00
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Re: I can see others, but they can't see me

Well, sorry to say I'm not at that computer until sometime later this weekend, but I sent an email to the owner asking for the version.  In the meantime, I googled images and I can tell you his security center looks identical to the version seen in this shot:

Hope that helps!

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