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How to turn on McAfee Security Centre?


I have been using McAfee Security Centre for the past two years. The product has come along with a DELL laptop as a 15 month subscription and later renewed for another three years after the expiry of initial subscription. My OS is Windows 7 Home Premium - 64 bit. I use Google Chrome browser [13.0.782.112 m]

For the past few days, Security Centre is not working. There is an action centre message saying "Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware reports that it is turned off". When try to turn on this, the product don't respond at all. Also when try to open the navigation window, it comes as a blank page with message " Navigation to the web page was cancelled" under that message it suggests, "try refreshing the page", but there are no menu/options available for refreshing the page, no buttons (minimise/close etc..) are visible for the browser window.

Tried uninstalling the product using controll panel, but there also, but the "remove" button is inactive and hence can't proceed further. Can someone help me fix the above issues or to remove and re-install the product.

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Re: How to turn on McAfee Security Centre?

Hi kayyala,

Antivirus and Antispyware  Could you please let us know if you are referring to the Home version of Mcafee Programs or if its the small medium business or enterprise versions ?

Can you post us with a screen shot of your security center with the error 


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Re: How to turn on McAfee Security Centre?

Hi Dinesh,

I assume it is the home version as it  was purchased along with my DELL Laptop. My McAfee account descibes the product as " McAfee SecurityCenter  Developed specifically for your Dell PC". Anti-Virus, Anti-Spyware, Firewall, Online Security are the key features that I have noted with this product.

Looks like something strange has happened overnight and the Security centre is working fine for the moment except that there is a warning message saying the software will be deactivated by tomorrow (20 August 2011).  In fact my suscription is valid till 28 Oct 2013 as I have done a three year renewal of the original 15 month subscription came along with the laptop on 19 Oct 2010.

See below the latest screen shot of Security centre navigation window.

McAfee Security Centre opening window-current.jpg

Below is the latest screen shot of my account page online

MaAfee Login Screen Shot.jpg

Yesterday, the product was copletely inactive and windows  Action centre message was there to turn on the product. I have turned on Windows defender firewall as the McAfee was not responding at all.

I have copied below previous screen shots for your reference.

Previous screen shot of McAfee Security Centre Opening Window

McAfee Security Centre opening window-previous.jpg

Previous Screen Shot of Windows Action Centre (Currently there are no action centre messages)

WIndowsAction Centre Message-previous.jpg

Previous screen shot of McAfee Uninstall Window

McAfee Security Centre Uninstall Window-previous.jpg

In fact, yesterday I ran MVT and it reported some registry corruptions and fixed the same automatically, but unable to fix issues with DAT file. (I have attached the MVT heath check report for your reference)

My laptop was kept on overnight connected to broadband and in the morning I could see the last problem resolved, but with the current issue of impending deactivation.

please suggest what should be done next to get the activation continued till end of subscription period.

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Re: How to turn on McAfee Security Centre?

I've got the exact same problem on a Dell machine. Solution will be appreciated. Otherwise I guess I'll have to chuck this software.

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