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How to suppress "not fully protected" popups?

Recently I bought a new notebook with a pre-installed McAfee Security Center on Win7 Home.

After some time the test period was over. Since then I get frequently warning popup

windows from McAfee in the lower right corner that my computer is not fully protected

and I am prompted if I want to register.

I want to try the whole software a little longer and do not want to get these popups.

Where EXACTLY can I disable these register and warning popups all permanently ?

Please do not simply say "In the settings" but where exactly.

Thank you


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Re: How to suppress "not fully protected" popups?

Hi pstein,

Have you renewed your McAfee subscription after the trial subscription expired...? If "No" then first renew your McAfee subscription and then re-install McAfee software to fix the issue.


Rakesh P

McAfee Technical Support

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