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How to make links that "take"?

I seem to have some problems at making clickable hyperlinks when posting reviews, example here Is there some special set of tags I need to use? My 1k review is near and I'd like to be able to finally post proper links

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Re: How to make links that "take"?

E: Mcafee taking too long to load

Sorry for the inconvenience, perform the clean boot in the computer from the system configuration utility.
{Start – run-Msconfig- click on service tab (make check on hide all Microsoft service in the bottom panel) - uncheck all the service apart from McAfee and windows services – similarly disable all the startup from start tab}

Perform the McAfee Virtual Technician in both computer and post the session ID
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Re: How to make links that "take"?


Could you be a bit more descriptive about the issue, please? The link you have provided in the previous post pertains to Site Report for website


Sanjay S

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