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How to check detection signature file

I have following McAfee components aftermost recent update (Dt:2/21/2010) through my ISP COMCAST:

information dervied from 'Security Center-->about' pop up:

  * Security Center: Ver 9.15,  Last update: 2/17/2010

  * VirusScan: Ver13.15, Last Update: 3/21/2010, Dat Version: 5927.0000, Dat Creation Date: 3/21/2010

  * Personal Firewall: Ver 10.15, Last Update:11/20/2009

  * Parental Controls: Ver 11.15, Last Update: 10/1/2009

  * Backup and Restore: Ver 3.15, Last Update: 10/11/2008

I belive every now and then  I see the 'check protection status' message. When I go to security center

to initail a autofix I see the message detection signature file is 30 days old. Not sure if there is a virus

thats overwriting the signature file, because I certainlt have seen the same message couple of days ago

and has corected through an update auto-fix . McAfee virsu scan returns clean wihtout any threat.

My Questsion:


Is the VIRUS SCAN dat creation date above implies the  'detection signature file date'?

If so I probably have to wath the date now and then. If not where can I see the 'detection signature file date'?

2. Assuming there is a virus that overwrites the  'detection signature file date' how to check for this virus/malware?

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Re: How to check detection signature file

My computer is on Win XP Home Edition Version 2002, SP3

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Re: How to check detection signature file

Hi mbaral,

If McAfee Updates displays No Update are available and If the updates fail continuously Double-clicking the icon will open McAfee SecurityCenter which will report the problem:. Your signature files are more than 30 days old.

To receive all updates automatically please check the following steps:
Ensure that the system date and time are correct
*Check and delete if you have any other security software in control panel as well their file & folders in C:/program files & common files.
*Open Internet explorer and click tools – click internet options
*Click connections tab, under LAN settings make sure that your are not under a proxy connection.

Do report back if you unable to update the signature files .

McAfee Community Moderator

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