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How to change the language?

I have a samsung laptop bought in  Korea that came with McAfee in it.  After activating McAfee today, I am  now looking for a way to change the  language to english.

Currently  installed

1   Security Center
- built9.15.175
- LangPack9.15.117

2  VirusScan
- built13.15.117
- LangPack 13.15.108

3 Personal Firewall
-  built10.15.106
-  LangPack10.15.101

I look forward to reading  you.

Many Thanks,

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Re: How to change the language?

Do the following..

First enable Windows Firewall to provide some protection during the following procedure.

Uninstall everything in the normal manner.


Run the MCPR removal tool linked under Useful Links at the top of this page.


Go to your account page and alter the country setting at the top right to any English one, Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, or United States for example.

Let the page reload.

Download from that website and you will have the English version.

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