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How do I exempt a file from the security scan?

McCaffee Security Center keeps calling legitimate files on my computer as trojans (Artemis!E9187EC5F5D8). after doing some research, I have determined that these files are fine.

it keeps putting the files in quarentine.

How do I exempt the file so that I can  use it?

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Re: How do I exempt a file from the security scan?

This is real time scanner doing this correct when you try to use the file. There is no exclusion list for RTS

You need to get teh file tested and whitelisted so

Submit the file

when you get the auto reply reply to it and in subject say false +ve and name of virus detection.

In body of message say why you think the file is OK.

Post back the analysis Id number and I will chase it up with a tech if no reply in 2 days

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