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High Memory and VM Usage by McShield


I am working on a XP SP3 desktop with only 512MB RAM. It is frequently very slow, and the largest memory and VM

hog is McShield. (Yes, I know that we should get more RAM, but that decision is not mine).

I noticed that McShield does not use much memory (About 20MB) until a browser is started. I checked with

both Chrome and Firefox (I think that IE will be same).

After I open either of them,  McShield uses about 50M of memory and 200MB of virtual memory, even if I

don't navigate to any Websites (The default is google).

McShield's high memory usage continues even after I choose to restart the desktop. It only stops

if I shut it down and start up teh desktop.

McAfee virtual technician indicated that the DAT file should be updated, and change two registry entries should

be changed. It applied the changes, but the issue persisted.

The Security Center build is 11.0.623.

Also, I used autoruns to ensure that nothing starts up automatically that is not needed. (I confirmed

with MSConfig).

The are no competing anti-virus scans, or anything similar being executed at the same time.

Any ideas on how to reduce the memory footprint of mcShield would be greatly appreciated.



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Re: High Memory and VM Usage by McShield

You have not got a scan going on at the same time?

Try disabling netguard it is said it is causing other issues so maybe mcshield as well?

Yes 512Mb ram absolute minimal if at all possible upgrade to 1.5Gb.

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