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Help pc not fully protected

Can somebody help me please? About every week and a half my pc says im not full protected and i go to mcafee sucurity center and it tells me to click fix and they will fix the problem so i do and nothing happens i have to uninstall and reinstall the whole thing so my pc will say it is fully protected.
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RE: Help pc not fully protected

Three possibilities, not mutually exclusive:

1: you are infected. I suggest a full scan by McAfee, and free MBAM and SAS.

2: Your McAfee installation is corrupted. I presume you didn't use the MCPR tool when you uninstalled ? If you didn't, I suggest uninstalling, using the MCPR tool you can find on this forum and following the other instructions. Then install again from your online account.

3: Your OS (Windows XP/Vista?) has been corrupted. In that case, a full reformat of the harddrive and reinstallation of the OS plus the rest is required. Unless you somehow manage to repair it.

You didn't mention the specific error messages ('not fully protected') you got. Posting information like that can be helpful.

You can also run the virtual technician and start a chat with tech support.
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