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HTTPS, Problems, and McAfee wont Open!

First of all, let me start by saying, "I NEED HELP". McAfee Will not open, i cant uninstall it, virtual technition just sits there with a blank screen, mcafee wants mee to give my # to them to get some help, and i cant access HTTPS:// sites in IE, which means that i cant log into my programs.  I think that the https thing is because of mcafee, since it wont open. So here are the things i need help with:

  • IE 8 doesnt oppen HTTPS sites; i think it's because of McAfee
  • McAfee cant be accessed
  • McAfee cant be removed with "Add/Remove"
  • McAfee Virtual Tech. Just sits there with a blank screen

Thanks for any replys; if you do, get Stars!

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Re: HTTPS, Problems, and McAfee wont Open!

PS: I am using XP on a netbook, and it is running SP3.

Here is what VT looks like


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Re: HTTPS, Problems, and McAfee wont Open!


Mcafee relies upon internet explorer to display all the contents in the user interface,
I suspect it might be a problem with IE 8,  to verify more that , please follow the below steps;

Open IE , click help , click about internet explorer , and post me with the product id and cipher strength.
And check whether it displays IE 8 (beta)


Dinesh K

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