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HKU websites and McAfee scans

I have just read an old post that was very similar to my own problem

I have McAfee security paid through my O2 broadband, it is very good but I have noticed that when the scan gets to 96% that many HKU sites appear non that I would not dream of visiting Casino and porn.  The scan states nothing detected however when I click on the site report I see that there are 12 Trojans and over 1200 tracking cookies.  I always use Google Chrome or Firefox and can not find anything on the options.

below is a screen print of what I am seeing on the report,  should I be concerned? or is this normal?



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Re: HKU websites and McAfee scans

Sorry for the deferred reply, I guess that should not be a problem. Anyhow, I would recommend you to clear all the computer’s & internet temporary files and check with another full scan and let us know the status. I would also recommend you to have Internet Explorer as your default browser (don’t worry you can still use your other browsers all well)

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Re: HKU websites and McAfee scans

Sorry Aldrin,Ticked reply under wrong name.I also have the same.Did you have spywareblaster or spybot?Did you have any problems in the past?The report will tally all of the things it finds for a long period of time.I have 6 trojans on my report.These were from false positives,but are still on my report.I did notice though,that your next update and sceduled scans don`t match up.The dates look messed up.