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HELP: System Speed slow with McAfee


I haven't been successful posting in other forums...? Newbee!

I downloaded McAfee today. (AT&Ts free version.) Now my PC has slowed down dramatically (i.e., moving at a snails pace.) Any ideas on why this occurred and how to fix it? (Everything was fine until I downloaded McAfee.)

I'm using Windows XP on a DELL Inspiron 8600. Ive turned off my modem and Windows firewalls.

Thanks for sharing (and my apologies if this is the wrong forum...)

dog_lover Smiley Surprised)
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RE: HELP: System Speed slow with McAfee

1.6GHz, 512MB, 40GB

those are the standard specs of a dell inspiron 8600, if you only have 512 MB of RAM still then you have just about enough to run windows XP and a few large apps like word etc NB a borswer like FF oe ie8 or chrome can quickly rack up 200MB of open memory with multiple windows.
Many heavy Av solutions like Mcafee or Symantec will run like a dog on this kind of hardware ( laptops run more memory resident programs thatn pc's anyway so you are already at a disadvantage) especially if you are running a whole suite rather than just the basic AV software.

I'd check your free physical RAM and swapfile and possibly think about a lower footprint AV product if you have no RAM left.
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HELP: System Speed Slow

Thank you for your swift reply!

Any suggestions on another AV?

Thanks again.

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Re: HELP: System Speed Slow


I heard Simantec is a good AV product too.  I just download the newest open-source version and it worked well for home use.



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Re: HELP: System Speed Slow

Yup, and with the source code you can perfect it for Dell users everywhere

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