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Getting "Your Computer in not protected" 10 minutes after fixing problems.

I have had a McAfee subscription through MSN for several years, and this year the McAfee application has stopped working correctly.

I receive a notification that the computer is not protected, open the Security Center and fix the problem, then I receive the same notice 10 minutes later.

McAfee appears to be disabling itself, and I am guessing that it is because the application detects that the subscription has ended.

I have tried uninstalling McAfee and using the McAfee removal tool, MCPR.exe, then reinstalling from the MSN Membercenter link, but this is still not fixing the problem.

The only other security tool I have installed is Webroot Spysweeper, and I uninstalled it prior to uninstalling and reinstalling McAfee.

I am using McAfee on Windows XP Home SP3 and on Windows Vista Ultimate SP2.

I am sure that the methods McAfee is using to enforce subscription dates will prevent me from using any other versions of McAfee on these computers in the future unless McAfee provides a way of clearing out the old subscription enforcement.

Does this problem mean that I will need to contact MSN support and request that they get a refund from McAfee so they can switch vendors, or does McAfee have a fix available that doesn't require a complete reinstall of the operating system by a certified professional?

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