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Hi. Can someone please help me. When I now turn on my laptop I receive a message telling me that there has been an important update and to click to down load. I do this click run a couple of times and then it tells me to uninstall an older version and reinstall the new one.

As you have probably guessed I am no pc expert - how do I uninstall mcafee and then install it again. If I uninstall how will it let me know that I have paid for mcafee. I have lots of sub folders in my computer mcafee file - do i delete the main file so that everything gets deleted?

Any help would be much appreciated

Thank you


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Re: Get latest version

Gary it's possible that you are being offered the newer redesigned 2010 product already, although I wasn't aware that it had been released to the UK servers.  In any case this does happen from time to time when a major update occurs.

Enable Windows Firewall to afford protection in the meanwhile and then follow the guidelines here:

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