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GUI sucks

mcafee should fire there gui designers. I am using total protection since last 5 years for my three machine. I have seen many version in mast five year. The current one is pathetic.

There is no natural sense. It is very heavy.

I my self in IT industry. We learned one rule that is customer is god and its environment is heaven. The current version is so heavy on memory and processor. And what you have got in this slider tab green version over previos  versions full red version left navigation based version.  A BIG DUCK ARE YOU LISTENING  MCAFEE PEOPLE.

It probably breaks every golden rule of GUI design. No natural intutive navigation,  heavy on memory processing. I complained to customer support and asked the previous version they said big sucking sorry. Ultimately I uninstalled it from one of my machine and switched to ZONE ALARM. This year is going to be last year. I am not going to renew my three machine license.

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Re: GUI sucks

Sorry mate the new version 2011 follows same pathway. At least they have added some features we missed since old vs7 days.

Sorry to lose you..

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