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Full scans lock up computer...

Running Windows Vista SP2.  Full scans, either manual or scheduled, lock up my pc.  Ran MVT and reported I should uninstall and reinstall.  Uninstalled following directions on McAfee site.  Ran quick scan and was ok.  Ran manual scan and system locked again.  Ran MVT and reported all was well...

There have been several times that I've been at the computer just before it locks.  It seems to lock up when 79-80% complete.

Any advice?

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Re: Full scans lock up computer...

I had the same problem with a previous version. The solution I found was to download Malwarebytes and run a scan with that and all was well after that, after it removed some viruses. Depending on how your computer is feeling it might be best to uninstall McAfee first. Also remember to uninstall Malwarebytes after using as McAfee 2010 doesn't like Malwarebytes(but previous versions did).


Hope this helps