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Full scan freezes computer

Running xp and just installed McAfee. Quick scan works fine but during full scan computer freezes when the scan examines the following file:


Any suggestions? TIA


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Re: Full scan freezes computer

I assume that by McAfee you are talking about VirusScan.

Please install the latest VirusScan patch, reboot the computer and try to run the scan again.

PS: What version of VirusScan did you install? Are you running XP 64 bit?

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Re: Full scan freezes computer

Hi thegman,

Could you please provide the following additional information likke;

What is the operating system you use ?

What is the version of virus scan & DAT (Open security center & click about)

How old is the computer ?

Do you receive any anonymous pop ups while browsing the internet ?


Dinesh K

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Re: Full scan freezes computer

I also have an application 'freeze' when I do a full scan. I ran virtual technician several times with no errors reported. Then it reported an out of date DAT file after I had checked for updates. The problem persists. My initial error message is related to no full scan in the last 30 days.

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