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Freezing Problem Since Installing McAfee Security 2010

Since installing McAfee Security 2010, my computer freezes completely -- just totally locks up.

Uninstalled McAfee, ran uninstall program, tried the pre-install program (would not function), then downloaded and re-installed McAfee Security again.

Same problem -- totally locks up.

This never happened to my computer before.  Have been using McAfee Security for seven years, but this never happened until the 2010 version was installed.

Any solutions?

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Re: Freezing Problem Since Installing McAfee Security 2010

I will assume you are current with all Microsoft critical updates and have rebooted the computer each time you performed the previous steps you mentioned. Obviously something is going on here and we will try our best to help you with it.

To assist in troubleshooting could you let us know what type of operating system? Windows 7, XP, or Vista

How do you connect to the internet? DSL, Cable

How much Ram is available?

Did you experience any symptoms of malware or unusual behavior?

What browser do you use? IE, Firefox, Opera

You could try to run the following free tools to see if any infection(s) are present and I suggest you download them and install them then check for the latest updates. Run each tool and let it clean everything it finds and reboot then do the same for the other program. You may want to enable the Windows firewall so you have some protection. After running these programs try the preinstall tool first and reboot then login into your online McAfee account and download your software.

Let us know so we can proceed further if you continue to have problems. Maybe a forum moderator will chime in and add something to this as it is the weekend and McAfee personell may not see this till Monday.

on 6/26/10 3:33:52 PM EDT

on 6/26/10 3:34:30 PM EDT
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Re: Freezing Problem Since Installing McAfee Security 2010

Windows XP (2002 Version) with Service Pack 3

Verizon DSL

56.4 GB Free Ram

Scanned for Malware

Browser - Internet Explorer

Still searching for answers to freezing problems.

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Re: Freezing Problem Since Installing McAfee Security 2010

Look at CPU usage. If McSvHost.exe and mefefire.exe are using almost all CPU ... you are another one of the users that McAfee seems to not care about. Take a look here.

We have been using McAfee for years and are considering seriously to cancel our 3 user license.

When a problem is so clearly stated by so many users and the supplier doesn't care ... customers usually take decissions.

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