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Fix button doesn't work

I have seen this posted before, but I have not found an answer.
This is the second time this has happened, I have enterprise edition.
The last time this happened, I lost activation to my windows OS as well, so this time I uninstalled mcafee. It required a restart after an apparent update last night sometime.
When I clicked on "FIX" I got an error that read "One or more problems require your attention".

Like I said, the last time this happened, I restarted my PC and was kicked out of windows OS, even tho I am running a legitimate copy that is activated as well as registered. I ended up doing an in place reinstall of XP pro and then reinstalling McAfee. All has been well for about a month I think, and now it is doing it again. My PC is on a home network, behind a Linksys firewall as well as the windows firewall and all my passwords are new and considered strong among the standards.

All is uninstalled now, but if memory serves, it had the whole package of Enterprise Edition installed, valid thru 12/5/2009, auto updates enabled, virus scan 9.3 ...

Thanks in advance!
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