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Features Suggestion for 2010 McAfee Product

McAfee has been a great product and i have been using it since 1998 and it has shown tremondous result over the past years..and that has kept me using it day by day and year by year in my i have some suggestion for 2010 product release this is specially for the this is a forum so eveybody has the freedom to express there views about the product so here are mine:

McAfee has good firewall with all aditional built in feature that none of other firewall has like easy to set setting and rules..tracing and banning IP from log and much more..but there should me more tight feature to fight against leak test utilities, a good behaviour and inbuilt signature though block the utitities and other malicious programs that tires to inject or can compromise system are blocked but being more tight in this regard is definitely needed...

Second thing is hourly database update..though McAfee's revolutionary Artemis technology is capable of fighting against any infection with in a short span of time but that needs internet to be connected with pcs.but one thing can be done is to use or add that artemis detected signatures on hourly basis to the users computers..

Third thing is more stable and reliable in withstanding system crash or McAfee software breakup by just playing around with services or by going through taskamanager as this is a common practice of malwares...another thing is it should block registry cleaners and defragmentors to delete mcafee registry entries, a software should be tough on build..

Direct reporting to McAfee about site through site advisor..

McAfee antispam,parental controls, easy network are top notch and in my opinion those things are perfectly fine..

These are my opinions if in future i find some thing should be added for 2010 release suggestion i will definitely throw my suggestion..other users can also add their opinions..
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2010 McAfee Product - am I bovvered?

How about a 2010 product that:
- doesn't disable Systemguards after a DAT update?
- doesn't tell you that your sub needs activating every few days (old bug)?
- doesn't tell you that your sub needs activating and then, when you hit the Fix button, puts up a message "One or more problems requires your response", to which the only available response is "Close"? (the new enhanced version of the bug)?

And a technical support system that doesn't
- attempt to blame problems on some mysterious third party software, even though (in the Systemguards example) it is obviously kicked off by a DAT update each time?
- usually end up advising that you uninstall and install again? It might well do the job, but in software fit for puurpose it should not be necessary! And in the worst case scenario I might be unable to obtain all the updates since my software disk was produced. So no thanks.

In response to the first two bugs, I started doing manual updates rather than automatic, so other family members don't get the warning message. That is less secure.

However, I might as well go back to automatic now as the enhanced bug message cannot be got rid of. But I am still not secure, as the bogus red Fix button may be hiding real security issues as well.

I am absolutely fed up with the product, so I really don't care what is in the 2010 version, as it will not get near my computer. My only decision is whether to get rid of it now in favour of another product, or to put up with it until my sub runs out - because I object to not using something for which I have paid good money.

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RE: 2010 McAfee Product - am I bovvered?

Silverhawk, thanks for your suggestions. None of the developers ever read these forums as they are for technical support only.

The best way to get your points across, as products are designed far ahead of their release dates, is to use the Beta programme and/or post in the Beta Forums:
FYI, the 2010 products aren't yet in public beta testing.

Alternatively you can write to McAfee HQ:

McAfee Corporate Headquarters:
3965 Freedom Circle
Santa Clara, CA 95054

Adelaide, if you aren't getting satisfaction in these forums then use Technical Support Chat linked at top left of the page or in my signature. They can go into your machine if necessary and can escalate the issue to a higher level.

Locking this thread.
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