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Exclusion for false-positives?

McAfee quarantines viruses and false-positives alike. I can 'restore' the false-positives, but they don't stay restored. When I go back to attempting to use the 'restored' file, I get a virus warning again and the file goes back into quarantine. So 'restoring' the file doesn't actually restore it. Is there any way that a file in quarantine can be excluded so that clicking on 'Restore' will actually do that?

If my version of Security Center (possibly 7.0) doesn't enable a user to exclude false-positives; has this problem been corrected?
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RE: Exclusion for false-positives?

Not in the home products but it's a feature that we have been asking for for ages, unsuccessfully. It is only possible to exclude something that is detected as a "PUP" or possibly unwanted programme.

For detections that you feel should be OK there are procedures as outlined in this sticky:

By now you should have Security Center 9 in any case. 7 is obsolete.

Please include the following information:

What is your operating system, service pack and are you up to date with Microsoft update? There are two ways of checking this. Go to Start/Run and type in winver then click the Enter key. Or, right-click My Computer in the Start Menu or on your desktop (or Computer in Vista) and select Properties.
Post what it says.

What McAfee products do you have? If your taskbar icon is like this: - double-click to open SecurityCenter and then click "View Details" or "About" at the lower right of the new window. Post the details from each module.
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system info

Windows Vista Basic SP2 - all Windows' updates -

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