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One of my friend getting the following errors:-

1, McNASvc error
2, Also getting the error "DCOM Event ID 10010 The server 3A65891C-3794-43E5-89C8-20CCD19902CE".

My questions:-
1, what is this McNASvc network agent error?
2, I have searched the 'DCOM Event' error in google and got information that its Microsoft issue and my friend contacted them and after a remote search in his computer, they told that its the issue because of McAfee and suggested to contact McAfee.
What is this 'DCOM Event' error?

Now I have no contact with him and i don't know much after that. I would like to know about these errors...please...
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RE: Errors

Mcnasvc.exe process. This is the McAfee Network Agent Service, and basically acts as a "host" for other McAfee products that need some common network functionality. An issue with any one of these products manifests itself as high performance usage by this process.

Try using the Network Cleanup Tool:

Regarding the DCOM errors, they are widely reported and not just from people using McAfee. Personally I think it's something to ignore.

Try turning off autologon in Windows if it's being used. That is a common cause of this.
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Many thanks....McAfee Maniac...

Thank you,

Its really very helpful and got the exact answer from you, I think so.......

Once again, thank you for the reply.......
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