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Error Message when attempting to scan computer

Here are the details:

I just reinstalled McAfee Security Center on my computer after experiencing the error [_vsos:*_RUN_SCAN_OPTIONSunderfined] when I tried to scan. I then looked on these forums and learned that I needed to reinstall the program in order to get the scanner to work again. After doing that, ANOTHER error message came up:


Please, please help me out. I'm at the end of my rope, here.


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Re: Error Message when attempting to scan computer

  • Please run MCPR tool to completly wipeout McAfee from your computer
  • Remove all other security software installedon your compuiter ( Faq: 100914 )
  • Restart the computer and Log into McAfee account and install McAfee ( Faq: 100342 )
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