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Enquiry on Mcafee Internet Security Suite


I bought the McAfee Internet Security Suite for 3 users. I have installed
into my laptop a month ago. 2 weeks later I reformat my laptop. If i
reinstall the software, will it be consider as 2 users?

Do i have to install all 3 users at the same time to obtain the 1 year warranty for all notebooks. Can i install all 3 users at different time and still enjoy 1 year warranty for each notebook.

Thank you for your time and attention. Hope to see your reply soon.
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For your first question answer is "No"
It will still consider as 3 user only.

If you install McAfee in 3 computer at the day of purchase you will enjoy three users with one year security.
Say if you install one at the date of purchase and other's after one month the next two user wil ,enjoy only eleven months.

Hope you understood

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