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Empty minimalised window on desktop

I have from time to time an empty window on the left corner of the desktop. The window is minimalised, it has the "x" symbol with special functions on right click, move and close. I have made a screenprint. Has anyone an idee wht it could be or how I can identify the process behind? I have windows 7 home 64 bits. 

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Re: Empty minimalised window on desktop

Hi Roland,

It could be any of the application that is getting loaded during the windows startup.

Use the MSCONFIG Startup Utility by following the below Screen Shot & updated us on the applications listing under the startup tab to identifying that particular application.

(MSCONFIG Startup Utility it allows you to quickly disable and prevent an application from starting when Windows starts. This is the tab that you use to isolate potentially problematic startup programs, or to quickly streamline a system by removing unneeded applications from running.)