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Easynetwork is blocking PCs


Has anyone been having problems with easy network in security center? I open easy network, all of the PCs who up in the network map. But when I go into Windows 7 explorer - network - none of the other PCs are showing up and it will not allow the PCs to create a homegroup.

It appears either easy network or the firewall is blocking the PCs from seeing each other and sharing stuff. any help appreciated, before I shut off the mcafee firewalls! Bloody pain.


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Re: Easynetwork is blocking PCs

Are the other computers also windows 7?If they are xp they use MSHOME for their workgroup.Win 7 and vista use WORKGROUP.IF this is what your talking about,change your XP to WORKGROUP.ON xp start menu,click on my computer and choose properties.Click computer name tag and change button.In bottom box change name to WORKGROUP.Make sure you change the pc`s workgroup name,not the computer name.Hope that`s what you need

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