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Dual Boot apparently requires two licenses?

I have one of my machines dual booting with Wndows XP and Windows 7 using the same computer name.  It was using two licenses so I contacted both customer support and tech support.  Apparently you have to use two licenses to run it on a dual boot system with both partitions having McAfee to protect them.  All of my research on the coummunities had shown that it should only have required one license but apparently that's not true.  If anyone knows differently, please let me know and how to get that fifth license freed up since they didn't last night.  Luckily my father's new notebook has a 15 month license so I can add a license back into the family account next time I renew before his runs out.


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Re: Dual Boot apparently requires two licenses?

It's 1 license per installation, so one for each operating system even if it's on the same physical machine.  I quad-boot so should know ;-)

If in doubt Customer Service will explain it, they're a free phone call away as you know.

To speak with a Customer Service representative, call us at 866-622-3911.

Average contact length: 10  minutes

Estimated wait time: 5-10 minutes

Hours of Operation: Available daily, 6am-6pm Pacific

A hint:  to avoid problems with the online account if uninstalling from a machine for whatever reason, try to use the normal method via Control Panel/Programs/Uninstall a Program (Add or Remove Programs in XP) first which will decrement the account automatically.

As that isn't always possible, a phone call to CS at the number above will sort it out.   If they didn't do it last night try them again as only they can do it.

Extra licenses can be purchased if necessary.

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