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Downloading MSXML

I hope I'm asking this in the right place.

I had to reinstall McAfee SecurityCenter recently on my computer with Windows 7 Home Premium (which took 9 hours because I have a dial-up connection). When the progress bar indicated that all 155,000 KB had been downloaded, I got the notice "Installation Incomplete", and was advised that the problem might be solved if I did the following:

Install MSXML versions 3 and 4, then install the McAfee suite:

     Download and install MSXML version 3 (MSXML3.msi only).

     Restart the computer.

     Download and install MSXML version 4 (MSXML.msi only).

     Restart the computer.

     Install the McAfee Consumer 2007 or later products.

     Restart the computer.

At, I went to Microsoft Download/Windows, and tried to find the 2 files. I made various searches for "MSXML version 3" and "MSXML 3", and the same type of searches for version 4. I couldn’t find the specific files listed by McAfee in either case. Can anyone give me specific instructions to find them? Thanx a lot.

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Re: Downloading MSXML

They are here

Uninstall mcafee

reboot and reinstall though...

Maybe a good idea to ask Mcafee for a cd to save the 9 hrs download

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Re: Downloading MSXML

If Windows 7 was up to date you should have had those MSXML versions and many updates since already installed.

When this is all fixed and if you haven't got it already, install Service Pack 1 for Windows 7, help with that here: and make sure updates are turned on as there have been plenty since that.

Hint: never use registry cleaners as this sort of thing can happen when using those.

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