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Download Error 12002 on Internet Security Suite

I found a lot of threads flagging up this "Error 12002" when downloading McAfee, but no solutions yet ?

I have the same problem right now. My laptop's preinstalled subscription is over. I've bought a 1 year subscription Internet Security Suite online. Tried downloading, but it seems to freeze midway.

Interesting is that it first part downloads the programmes ( something like 54,000 kb ) smoothly, then it checks my computer for whatever for a couple of minutes, then it starts downloading more programmes ( something like 29,000 kb ), but here, EXACTLY AT 7,013 kb, it freezes! I've done that 5 times since yesterday, and always the same ...

Between my trials, I've also done the usual cleanup of temporary files,
Done that again through the Vitual Technician
Then done the MCPR.exe, then boot again...

Always the same result.

Windows XP Home edition. checked for updates online. The essentials are ok. A few optionals are not. Could that be it ? I doubt it ...

Any suggestions ?
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