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Do I have to uninstall?

I have used McAfee for many years. I use dial-up ISP but always update my McAfee files at least daily. A few weeks ago my annual license for Internet Security Suite was due for renewal. I contacted customer service and renewed it for 3 years. After my purchase the tech said that in order for McAfee to function correctly I MUST uninstall the entire McAfee system, download the files, and re-install.

Downloading the files takes many hours + then it takes quite some time to find all the little tweaks & settings to get the products to function as I prefer.

I don't understand. If my McAfee products are functioning and the files upated properly as of today, then how can just extending my renewal date cause a problem? I purchased the CD, at an extra charge, to cut downloadtime (just in case), but I really, really want to avoid this un-install/re-install issue if at all possible.

Was the tech correct? and if so, Can you explain why it's necessary? I would like to know.

Thank you for help with this.
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RE: Do I have to uninstall?

A few questions:
Is the old instalation or the new one an enterprise product ? You can't install an enterprise product over a consumer one, and vice versa.

Do you use some particular software for dial-up with McAfee ?

Do or did you get your McAfee software from your ISP, or purchased directly from McAfee ?

If the answer to the above questions is no:
There should be no need to uninstall, except perhaps:
What kind of McAfee product did you have ? A current one, online subscription ? Or a 'legacy product' ? see: If you were using, for example, not the current Virusscan 13 but a legacy product like in:
,for example Virusscan 10 with DAT updates, you should indeed uninstall first.

Otherwise there should be no need to uninstall.
But what puzzles me is that you bought a three years license. I've never heard of that. Maybe more info about that would reveal the mystery ? Usually McAfee uses an annual auto-renewal, whether you like it or not.

Just a few points to consider.
If you post more information, more knowledgeable people on this forum may be able to help you, or you can try a chat with a different customer support individual.
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Answers to your questions.

Thank you for your prompt response. Hopefully these are the answers to your questions.

I use NetZero as my ISP. I purchased my Internet Security Suite directly from McAfee, and downloaded it from their site, last April. And I have no legacy products.

As far as I know all versions are up to date. Like I said, I manually check for updates every day, and McAfee seems to keep each product version current. Every once in a while I notice my daily update taking a little longer than 'normal'. When I check, I see the version of a particular product has changed. Just recently (about 04/16 or so) I saw that both Security Center & Personal Firewall versions had been updated, along with VirusScan. FYI, all of my daily updates since my renewal continue to seem to work just fine.

I have the auto-renewal feature turned off. Just my preference. To tell the truth I get so frustrated with this whole un-install/re-install routine that I ordered a 3-year renewal (which had to be done 1 year at a time) just to circumvent the annual problem. The tech said that until my license runs out (in 2012) I will not have to un-install & re-install every year.

Just telling you what I was told. Like I say, I'm just trying to figure out the 'why'. Having to remove the etire product & re-install it makes no sense to me.

Again, thank you for your time.
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RE: Answers to your questions.

(partial quote above)

So you ordered a 3 year renewal because you got so frustrated with this whole uninstall/reinstall routine ? To be honest, I don't understand. If you were using auto-renewal, there should be no need to uninstall, since the license continues.

If you just renewed your license (check your McAfee account, probably and then go to your account and log in) there should be no need for an uninstall. Not if you renewed your license before it expires/expired, anyway (I'm not sure about special 3 year licenses!).

I suggest you check your McAfee account, and see if your current (or should I say 'old') McAfee account has had its license extended for three years, or if it shows up as a new license, separate from the one you had before you renewed. If it shows up as a separate license, you probably DO have to uninstall (don't forget to use the MCPR tool plus instructions which can be found on this forum) and reinstall. If it's the same license, you shouldn't have to renew.

This is to the best of my knowledge. I may be wrong of course, technical support staff that frequents this forum so now and then may be able to give a more definitive answer, or you can try chatting with another customer service or technical support representative.

Note added later: you purchased a CD. That suggests you have a new license, but I don't know, as I stated, check your McAfee account.
I don't know what is on the CD, what is on it may be outdated, it is common to use an online download instead of installing from the CD.
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