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Definition downloads

My latest issue is with the update downloads. Sometimes the updates download perfectly and sometimes they somehow get hung up.   I ran the Mvt and saved the logs. hopefully it helps. the first is the Problem log and the second being the diagnostic log. The MVT set it would try and downloading the updates and that it would take 10 minutes as I write this it has been about half an hour and the download is still running.

I can't seem to find the link where to unsubscribe to this particular after it is resolved.

I followed instructions and nothing. I just noticed I got the following message


When I press the "following button I get the following Connections stream Done and Documents. When I select the Connection Stream I don not get any more options.  I hope  this isn't to confusing.

Thank you for all your patience and for all your great advice.


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Re: Definition downloads

Jerry I see nothing seriously wrong other than your VirusScan is one version behind mine.

That could be because you are getting the software through a vendor and/or you are using Vista.

The important thing for updates to complete are a) a solid connection to the Web and b) a computer that isn't falling asleep after a few minutes.

Check your Power Settings in Control Panel that the Network, Hard drive etc. aren't set to sleep after a period of time.

Other than that all I can suggest is a complete uninstall, MCPR, reboot and reinstall from the online account.  Sometimes that clears out the "fuzziness".

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