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Creating parental control password

Please correct me if I am wrong.
1) You do not create a password in McAfee Internet Security to control access to the Parental Control settings.
2) The only way to change the Parental Control settings in McAfee IS, is to log into Windows as the Administrator and then McAfee IS will let you change the Parental Control settings.
3) Bottom line, If Dad buys a computer for 10 year old Suzy, even though Dad is never going to use the computer he still has to have a user ID on the computer as an Administrator so McAfee can use that user ID and password, which it picks up from Windows, to access the parental controls, so Dad can set parameters for Suzy’s Windows / McAfee’s limited access settings.
4) So there are no passwords or profiles created directly in McAfee at anytime.
5) All passwords and profiles are created in Windows and McAfee uses those Passwords and profiles in its Parental Control utility.

Please let me know if this is correct.
Thank you, Bill Smiley Surprised
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RE: Creating parental control password

Yes you are correct..
the added protection is that since you DAD is only the admin its helps the computer a lot .... running regular users as admin is not safe since they might provide a chance for installing malware or viruses with admin previlages.
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RE: Creating parental control password

You are correct... We'll be implementing one as as you suggested in near future... with a password to change the settings so doesn;t have to logoff and login to and forth...
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