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Confusion and question :-)

Hello altogether,

I'm just a bit confused right now and I have a question. The support chat was not that helpful, I must admit (in fact, it was really disappointing).

The confusion is about the version number. I just bought with credit card a 5-PC license of Internet Security suite 9 (that's the number mentioned on the German web site as the newest). Now I see here, that there is a version 11? What's the difference? Is the version 9 in Germany the version 11 in the international area?

Can I still post my question? happy

Ok, as mentioned, I bought the license online and tried to install it on two new PCs (Dell Optiplex for a customer, Intel Quad Core cpu, 4 GB memory, 250 GB hard disk, Windows XP SP3). I performed the Windows Updates and then tried to install McAfee Internet security 9. I downloaded the program DMSetup.exe from my account and started it.

The programm collected some information, downloaded a lot of things (roughly about 50 MB?) and then tried to do a "quick" (literally translated from the German version) scan of the system. And that's it... it does not go beyond that "quick" scan. I let it run for hours and it does not go further.

My questions are:
- can I start dmsetup.exe so, that this scan is not performed?
- what could be the reason for this hang (never had that before)?

thanks in advance for any ideas...

Best regards,

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Product Nomenclature

Hi Frank & Everyone,

I'm confused, too, as to my product's nomenclature. I took advangage of the McAfee 52% discount for a 3-year license to what was advertised as "McAfee Internet Security 2009". Once installed, the components read as follows: (Taken from "McAfee Security Center | About")

Security Center 9.3
VirusScan 13.3
Personal Firewall 10.3
Site Advisor 2.9
Anti-Spam 10.3
Parental Controls 11.3
Easy Network 3.3
Backup and Restore 3.3

Nowhere does it actually give me a product name, except the generic, McAfee Security Center. Just wondering what I actually call it and where I should post questions. I know it may seem like a trivial questions but I'm curious. Thanks for any help.

And, Frank, as to your question: I'm not an advanced user but if DMSetup.exe hung during the "quick" scan, I'm wondering if you may have some remnants of prior A/V software what weren't fully removed. Not sure if that could cause this issue--just throwing it out there.

Jeff Evans
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RE: Product Nomenclature

Internet Security Suite is merely the name for the retail package. You have what appears to be all the components. When asking questions just post either here, or under the individual component.
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RE: Product Nomenclature

Thank you for the reply. I was just confused when I saw Internet Security 9 and 11.
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RE: Confusion and question :-)

Is your XP 32-bit? (x86 as distinct from x64 or 64-bit)

You are talking about Internet Security Suite 2009 as shown in the attached thumbnail (click to magnify)
It is Internet Security Suite 11.
Regarding the installation - what protection software did you have previously installed?

Go to Start/Run and enter %temp% click Enter - delete all the files that will go, some may refuse.
Do the same entering plain old "temp" minus the "" of course.

If you are running Internet Explorer 7 go to Tools/Internet Options/Advanced and click the Reset button. OK and exit, close and reopen IE7.
You will have to-enable all the browser add-ons.

If Internet Explorer 6 - go to Tools/Internet Options..
General tab: clear cookies, history and temporary files
Security tab: set all zones to default
Content tab: disable Content Advisor
Advanced tab: set to default. OK and exit.

(If you are running IE6 you should immediately upgrade to IE7).

Scan you machine for malware using the free version of this tool:

If all that fails to help then try this tool:

and then IEFIX -

Try saving DMSETUP to the desktop first. Right-click and select Properties and then click Unblock. Click OK.

Now try to install by double-clicking it.
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