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Configure Firewall for eSTOP! program. Need expert advise :)

I have McAfee Security Center 9.3 build 9.3.151
I have McAfee Firewall 10.3 build 10.3.111
I Have WindowXP Pro SP3
Internet connection: Cable - direct connect to Cable Modem (no router)

Software to configure: eSTOP!
eSTOP! was developed as a security product with the intent to view and (e)mergency STOP problem TCP connections. It displays in real-time any TCP connection in or out of your computer. Web connections are an example of a TCP connection. You can instantly stop that connection by double clicking on the connection in the list or by pressing one of the three large red buttons on the main window. Now with logging and blocking by port, IP address, hostname or domain name.

eSTOP! is not a firewall. eSTOP! complements a firewall because you can use it to stop connections normally permitted by the firewall. You can make eSTOP! popup whenever connections happen--then do something about those connections!

Task: This is an older software that was working with window firewall before I upgraded to McAfee Firewall. I am trying to configure the McAfee firewall to open up the "pinging" of ip address when others are connected to my home pc while hosting a game server when using the software eSTOP!.

Web address I can see in estop. I dont see any of the ip addresses when other are connected to me. I also want to be able to "ping" the connected ip address when running a game server to check on the "lag" to my home pc with eSTOP!.

Windows firewall I have the game FEAR2 added as an exception

McAfee Firewall Settings
I have full access to the game FEAR2
I have full access to STEAM
Security level is "standard"
Allow ICMP Ping Requests "unchecked"
Allow UDP tracking "unchecked"

Questions I have.
1. ICMP is unchecked, should i have this checked off?
2. UDP tracking, not sure what this is, checked or unchecked?
3. Since I have the game FEAR2 as "FULL Access" do I need to open up the TDP and UCP ports?
4. "open system server ports" any thing to check or uncheck? I have made no changes to default setting

I was thinking I had a windows settng the blocked the ping within Firewall but can not locate that setting I saw?

How do I allow eSTOP! see the connected IP address when hosting a game in McAfee Firewall?

Any replies would be appreciated. I have messed with the settings and it could be just one simple thing that keeps eSTOP from pinging the connected ip address to me.

Thanks, Toothless
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RE: Configure Firewall for eSTOP! program. Need expert advise :)

can someone read my post? At least answer the basis questions of how to open up the ping in the firewall?
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